Mihai's Paleobotany Chronicles

Collection of Prof. Mihai Emilian Popa

The scientific collection of Professor Mihai Emilian Popa includes fossils (flora and fauna) and rocks collected personally from all over the world, with samples recorded formally in the scientific databases of various institutions. This personal collection is curated at the University of Bucharest, at the Geological Museum in Bucharest (Geological Institute of Romania) and soon it will be also hosted at the Antipa Museum of Natural History in Bucharest. At the University of Bucharest, the collection is part of the scientific collections of the Laboratory of Palaeontology, Department of Geology, Faculty of Geology and Geophysics. At the Geological Museum in Bucharest, the collection is included in the scientific collections of the museum.

The collection includes type material, represented by published fossils, including holotypes, paratypes, neotypes, lectotypes, etc. This is the most significant section of the collection. Next to the type material, the collection includes highly important fossils and rocks collected from Romania and from numerous foreign countries.

The collection is recorded formally using a system explained in detail in Popa (2011). The records are both physical (on paper cards) and digital (in Excel files), for all samples. All recorded samples have a paper card where the fossils are supplementary recorded as plant organ fragments, receiving a unique numberrelated to each sample record (sample number). In this way, each plant fossil is uniquely identified and related to each sample.

Popa, M.E., 2011. Field and laboratory techniques in plant compressions: an integrated approach. Acta Palaeontologica Romaniae 7, 279-283.