Mihai's Paleobotany Chronicles

Mesozoic tetrapod tracks
Batrachopus deweyi
was found in Anina, South Carpathians, within the Ponor Quarry SSSI, in the Steierdorf Formation. This was the first find of Mesozoic tetrapod tracks in Romania.

The Polytechnics Subway station
This subway station represents the most interesting paleontological site in Bucharest, although it has an "allochtonous" position, the ornamental rocks full of fossils being collected from an unknown occurrence in the Apuseni Mountains.

A Paleozoic insect wing
An insect wing was collected from Secu, near Resita, in the South Carpathians. It is the oldest insect remain in Romania so far.

Carboniferous vertebrates
At Zagradia, in the South Carpathians, amphibian caudal vertebrae were found.

Belemnites from Munteana
In Munteana, within the Iron Gates Natural Park, belemnites such as Megateuthys paxillosus can be found.

Vetebrate burrows in Anina
Recently, vertebrate burrows, most probably dug by dinosaurs, were described from Anina, South Carpathians. A unique European occurrence and a very rare occurrence in the world.

Sauropod tracks in Anina
In September 2009, during the IGCP 506 meeting in Romania, the first Jurassic sauropod tracks were discovered, thanks to the attentive observations of Dr. Grzegorz Pienkowski (Warsaw).