Mihai's Paleobotany Chronicles

Lower Jurassic sauropod tracks in Anina, Caras-Severin County, Romania

Anina represents a fossile-Lagerstatte locality in the South Carpathians, Resita Basin, with an exuberant, very diverse and well preserved paleoflora, within the Lower Jurassic deposits of the continental Steierdorf Formation. Tetrapod tracks (Batrachopus cf. deweyi, in Popa, 1999), vertebrate burrows (Popa and Kedzior, 2006), and recently, sauropod tracks were discovered (Pienkowski et al. 2009), assigned to Parabrontopodus sp. This discovery was undertaken thanks to the attentive observations of Dr. Grzegorz Pienkowski, during the IGCP 506 meeting in Romania.

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