Mihai's Paleobotany Chronicles

Annularia stellata (SCHLOTHEIM) WOOD 1861

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Short description
Leaves arranged in whorls, uninerve, with entire margins, acute apex, 24-36 leaves per whorl. Whorls are circular in outline.

Annularia stellata is a common species in the coal measures of the South Carpathians, especially in the Resita Basin. It is associated with Calamostachys, Calamites and Pinnularia sphenopsid organs.

Secu, Lupac, Zagradia, Resita Basin, Getic Nappe, South Carpathians.


Westphalian, Stephanian, Lower Permian.

Marsh, coal generating swamp environments.

The preservation is quite good for Secu and Zagradia, while for Lupac, the material is less preserved.

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Annularia stellata, I. Preda Collection, from Secu, Resita Basin. Scale bar: 10mm.