Mihai's Paleobotany Chronicles

Weltrichia givulescui POPA 2001

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2001 Weltrichia givulescui POPA, p. 70-72, Text-figs. 1-4, Pl. 1, Figs. 1-4.


Bennettitalean male reproductive structure with 16 radial microsporophylls (rays) and a central cup, deeply depressed. The sporophylls have a longitudinal rib on abaxial and adaxial sides, entire margins, acute apices, they are fibrous and thick, and each of them is continued centripetally with an appendage that overlaps the adaxial, inner surface of the central cup. The central cup is covered adaxially by small pustules, possibly attractant bodies.

The invariable occurrence of W. givulescui especially with Zamites aninaensis, but also with Z. schmiedelii and Z. andraeanus foliage suggests that this structure belongs to one of these plants, most probably to Z. aninaensis.

Anina, former Steierdorf, Resita Basin, Caras-Severin County, Romania.

The stratigraphic position of W. givulescui is always above the Coal seam No. 5, in all Anina coalfields. Usually, it can be found within the roofs of the 6th or 7th Coal seams in Anina area, especially for the Northern Coalfields (Anina, Zona Noua and Bradet Coalfields). It is a typical Sinemurian taxon and the reproductive structure of a Sinemurian coal generator.

Marsh edges.

The material is compressed, with the lamina of the microsporophylls often well preserved. The preservation is rather good, with structures preserved transversally or longitudinally, in spite of polliniferous sacs lacking.

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Weltrichia givulescui, holotype, sample P113/C1/30A, Popa collection, University of Bucharest.

Reconstruction of Weltrichia givulescui, in Popa (2001).